Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You may be wondering, "What in the @#+% is ART-ECO?" Simply put it is a movement in Art and Ecology where, based on their relationship to one another, the two become one flesh. In last month’s feature you were introduced to this concept in the art-form of jewelry made from repurposed objects. Well, that medium only scratches the surface of this unlimited form of expression. I intend to take you on an adventurous journey through the lands of the highest peaks, most glorious shores, serenest valleys, and most mysterious terrains of this art-form. However, for now, let us start here in good ol’ Knoxville, Tennessee!
The objet d’ art featured here tells a story all its own…This first in a series of tables is crafted from 100% recycled materials cultivated from the heart of Downtown Knoxville. If you look closely at the base of this table you should notice that there is what looks like very old floor trusses. You are correct! As a matter of fact this wood was being thrown away during the remodel of the old JFG Factory on West Jackson Avenue in the Old City. I simply asked the foreman if I could haul off the trash for him and save him the extra expense of several trips of full construction site dumpsters. He said, "Certainly!" and Bada Bing, I was halfway home on my design. So, I call my buddy Chris Horton and say, "please get your flatbed down here now, I’ll explain later!" He did. "I get by with a little help from my friends." Unbelievable, because this wood was over 300 years old Heart of Pine cut into solid planks measuring over 3 inches thick, close to 2 feet wide and spanning up to 30 feet long, just being thrown away! I held on to this wood for two years due to its scarcity.
The quest was not complete as I wanted to mix 2 types of wood for this particular design. I was in search of two oversized solid wood doors from the turn of the century to be the icing on the cake (top of the table). Lo and behold as I found help from another friend, Daniel Schuh, who had such doors left over from one of his Historic North Knoxville Homes. Ahhh…now to the drawing board! So next is the design. This is the part I personally enjoy the most. I execute the drawing, call another friend, Terry Martin, and show him the design. He takes over and in a few days we have what you see below. Note that Terry built the piece and also did the faux crocodile finish based on my specifications. I simply love this process and hope you at least appreciate it as well. Just like a symphony…many distinct pieces and players coming together in harmony. ENCORE


  1. ENCORE indeed! I love it! Now to find a few friends...i blogged you...lol

    check it out here

  2. I would love to know how you did the faux croc! It is definitely fab to the max :o) And how the heck do poeple just throw away so much stuff that can be def. used to make "new" things?!