Saturday, December 19, 2009


...why don't u...right now... go find everything that you are about to throw away... in your tool box/jewelry box...You may be saying, "I could never do that"...of course, you can... look around you and find those things which are considered as useless and/or trash. E-create (recreate) them out of that which is but should not be...yes u can...VIOLA! Apart from one another they all make no sense but like a symphony warming up...all of a sudden...Boom! the curtain is drawn up and like Mozart, Metallica, or are caught up in the Requiem Rhapsody of a diamond that was once a piece of coal: black and dirty carbon...under much pressure and heat, THERE IT IS~!!!~ It is a spiritual experience, tapping into He who made you and shining on like a crazy diamond. Shall we DANCE?!

LOOK BELOW... and EnJoY!!!

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