Monday, May 18, 2009


Let there be light! Seems like someone special a long time ago said this and look at what we have now. This wonderful offering of luminescence is brought to you by Four Hands as shown at their High Point showroom from this past market. Four Hands does not simply do lighting as they are a complete "lifestyle line" of case goods, upholstery/leather, art, accessories and now even rugs. For what they do I have to say that they are one of my favorites. They literally travel the world to bring us the latest and greatest products at an incredible value. Their president, Brett Hatton, started out as a photographer who scaled the globe and along the way discovered a wide array of wonderful cultural displays. He started reclaiming teak before it was "chic".
Lighting is absolutely will make or break the total outcome of a design. The uniqueness of this cluster invites the traveler home after a long journey. As well, it welcomed me and my colleague, Craig Marcum, into their glorious showroom. This display stopped both of us in our tracks; Craig's, for whom this was his first market, and mine, who claims to "have seen it all"; but I digress. Light is the life source for all creation, for without it we all cease to exist. There are a vast amount of truly wonderful lighting designers, too many to list. However, if you think about light, it is powerful.
Consider the diamond. Without light it has no chance to shine. Without light its facets are but lifeless. Design and all art is much like a diamond. It is birthed as the result of immense pressure and heat being applied to the byproduct of life itself. From that comes the raw stone which once discovered, then is taken to a master artisan to have portions removed by the cutting away of excess. And finally, you have the diamond; priceless, right? Actually, without light it would be unable to capture and radiate the reflective qualities of said diamond, hence it would be absolutely worthless. Artists are much the same way, but at best we can only hope and strive to be a glimmering facet of the one true diamond that is art and design.We can only reflect the true source of all creation and apart from it we are not worth much either. So, in essence let this spark some interest into your spirit and "shine on you crazy diamond".