Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sleep is necessary and dreams are only ushered into our lives through this doorway. The bedroom is a very important, personal, romantic and unique place. It should be our own private sanctuary. As a result, it should feel as such. We spend more time on this furniture than on even our office desk chairs. These dreamy offerings are presented to you by Marge Carson Furniture. (Just a few examples of what you can create as the gateway into your castle in the air.) Explore the world within your visions of rest and relaxation. I encourage you to be daring in the bedroom: Not in the way that you are thinking, but in the way that you are decorating. Your place of refuge should reflect the fantasies of what inspires you yet leaves you recharged. Like a "New Moon on Monday," once you are well rested, you can embark on the journey that life has laid out ahead of you. So, dream a little dream and create! "SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE..."