Friday, May 15, 2009


This first "Sneak Peak" is from my favorite complete showroom in the High Point, NC International Furniture Market. For those of you who don't know, Market is in April (Spring) and October (Fall) each year. I have been attending this market for several years now and wouldn't miss it for the world. This is Vanguard Furniture...always fresh, innovative, energizing and stylish. Notice the wonderful placement of just enough of the budding color of orange. This is one of the exciting new season colors for the Spring 2009 story of design. Elegance and trends can co-inhabit as displayed wonderfully in this setting. I will be showing you authorized photos from this and many other high-end manufacturer's throughout this journey. These are hot and not yet released to the general public as a whole so count yourself as an insider! Kudos to Vanguard!

Another dynamic feature of this particular room is the black walls...this is hard to pull off but one of my favorite arrows to shoot. I am currently working with a client and we have scheduled for her dining room to be painted black. (Photos of this are to come once the install is completed). The play on texture, pattern, color, scale and lines of the varied furniture styles apart from one another may not make sense. But, this is design, remember? Proper design at that. Design enables the creative zone of the soul to harmonize different elements into an orchestra for the eyes. Aesthetics as a whole is like working with a symphony. Imagine being in an auditorium before the curtain is raised, and you are hearing the musicians tuning their instruments.The lights are low and there is this sporadic murmuring of sound. Once the curtain is raised, it all comes together and you are moved through the emotions created by the composer. This is the effect that this initial display had on me personally when I entered this showroom (Vanguard Furniture). What you cannot experience is the other senses of smell and sound that further embellished this setting. It was exquisite. ENCORE!