Saturday, June 13, 2009


So sorry for the delay as I have been working on a large commercial project. I truly cannot say enough about this company, Habersham Plantation Corporation. The most glorious finishes on the planet coupled with the highest level of craftsmanship and design are the qualities that set this company apart. Often copied but never duplicated, Habersham creates all you would ever need for the complete home. They actually have a program called Habersham Home, which allows you to be the maestro and compose a home that is truly a masterpiece. From kitchen cabinetry to upholstery, from finishing trim to architectural elements, even to the dining chairs you retire into as you feast; this line will dazzle and delight most anyone. This is the company I spoke of in my introduction "What is Design", when I referred to actually seeing a client brought to tears in this showroom due to the overwhelming sense of grace and beauty of their products.
Timeless style and exuberant expression are the trademarks of this company. And best of all, they are an absolute joy to work with on any level. I have had several projects where they have customized whatever I might need or dream up for my client. It appears a bit "Old School", however I am left with the sense that "Old's Cool". If you have a specific finish request, no problem. Since 1972 and still going strong in Tecoa, Georgia Habersham continues to shine. We are cooperating on the development of a custom line of furnishings for MossCreek homes currently. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, turn on some Louie Armstrong, preferably "What a Wonderful World."