Friday, September 4, 2009


Once again, my apologies for the delay in a new post, but here we go! I am having my first own ART show this evening that will feature many mediums (furniture, jewelry, scuplture, lighting, publications, poetry, drawings, designs, sketches, videos, accessories, etc.) of artistic expression that I have completed over the last 20 years. I am also doing a Vintage/Reclaimed/Couture Fashion Show which I have embellished Couture Vintage garments with reclaimed fabrics, leathers, patches and the like. I personally have never done my "own" show, simply because I did not feel the need to and because I would rather fly under the radar. However, I have coordinated and participated in countless of such (art/fashion shows) both as a model and an artist/designer for a number of others. I just happened to be re-designing a new Historic Club in Downtown Knoxville (RELIX...Owner Daniel Schuh) when the idea just made sense to open the venue with a showing of all that I have touched over these past 20 years in art.
To me, the most precious and priceless pieces of art in the entire Universe are the relationships I have acquired with clients, strangers, musicians, fashionistas, stylists, family, friends, co-workers, and even the broken lost souls roaming our rugged streets. The ART-ECO pieces that will be shown are a reflection of just that. They are parables of a certain sort, hoping to draw in the interest of someone who can be ministered to by the power of Re-Creation. There will be no prices on my art. Only the open invitation to discuss it. Thank You ALL! Hope U enjoy!

Tribute to

William Kristopher Kendrick "Billy Ray"

and Rebecca Maxwell...

U both saved me from myself while teaching me to be


Thank U ...May U Both Rest in Perfect Peace