Thursday, May 14, 2009


::donovan swick::
What is design?

This is a question with a plethora of answers. No one can argue however that proper design has the ability to reach deep within the human being. Just as a mirror reflects the image of the one standing before it, so also does the art of design capture the soul of both the artist and the observer of the object of art somewhere unique in time and space. No matter what a person's stance is on the matters of spirituality, morality and the origins of life, one cannot dispute how their very emotions have been stirred at the deepest level of their being at one time or another by a particular piece of art, an exquisite piece of furniture or a well designed environment. Where does that come from and where is it going?
I have seen first-hand the most stoic and detached individuals be moved to tears and literally have their emotions taken hostage for a moment by a wonderful design. It is almost as if being swept off of one's feet by love. Design is not only a skill, not only a trade, not only a is a means of unspoken communication between our species. It is eternal, beyond measure and certainly not merely superficial. Like a song that moves you to dance, so is design. Think about it. Design is practical, technical and emotional. Design transcends history. It inspires. Design, like the looking glass, reflects the joy, pain, love, hate, bliss, depression, comfort, suffering, hope, disappointment or in other words the pure energy of the human soul. It is a physical expression of the intangible mystery of what connects us all. I invite you to come along as I remind you of things past and introduce you to what is to come. Let's explore several examples of one human's love affair with design. I have a lot to offer and still yet more to learn. But the lights are set, the instruments are all tuned and the floor is open...Shall we dance?