Thursday, June 18, 2009


Fashion: the one form of art that seems to drive the bus in the entire industry of aesthetics. On top of that you add the wonders of vintage and you can surmise quickly the influence it has on what we see today. Designers these days are searching through the archives of history to find patterns, fabrics, products and materials that can be reinterpreted and modernized. As a result we are beginning to see new forms of old. Color studies that were ahead of their time way back when are regularly seen on the new products of upholstered goods we have grown to love in our homes of late. Look at how many clothing designers, namely Ralph Lauren, who now have their own furniture collections. It doesn't take long to do the math and see that this equation equals success.
Fashion sets the tone within the music industry. Consider the iconic ensembles adorned by the likes of Elvis, Madonna, Frank Sinatra and even Michael Jackson. Then pay attention to what shows up on the runways, and eventually ends up on your very own sofa. The most wonderful thing, in my opinion, about vintage is the principle of timelessness that it instills. Almost all of art is cyclical. Classics endure. But sometimes, the extraordinary (even the flamboyant) shine out from the crowd and turn your head. Styles evoke emotions. Styles are born from emotions. Emotions are like the wind as they come and go, sometimes barely noticed and other times forces to be reckoned with and subdued by in our lives. Vintage is that "Peaceful Easy Feeling" that we can all hum along with and end up smiling. And as I have covered previously, when used properly it is extremely responsible. So, look in your closet and see just what treasures may be hidden once you look at that garment with "Betty Davis Eyes."
Pictures from the Sanctuary Vintage Fashion Show