Friday, June 5, 2009


Above is a first look at a personal design I have had produced locally as a prototype for my line. It is made exclusively out of reclaimed American hardwoods. I worked with an artisan by the name of Andrew Heneise, originally from Alaska, to bring this beauty from concept to reality. The woods are Wormy White Oak and Black Walnut. The joinery is real and the top of the legs are wrapped with acid etched copper bands. What you see is what you get with this one. It has a story to tell, and if you listen closely you may catch a tune from days gone by coursing through its veins.

Reclaiming materials, or salvaging, is my approach to design for all of my personal pieces. This is another aspect of the name "ART-ECO." If you look at my logo, the "SWICK" one, you may notice a little twist. If you turn the logo upside-down, you shall discover a new way to read the initials that further describes what I do. It becomes "KCIMS". This stands for "Knoxville's Couture Industry of Materials Salvaged." Who knew?