Friday, May 29, 2009


Take a look at this metal sculpture. "Yours Truly in the Hand of Design"
From casual to formal. "From Swick to Swank." Here is another interpretation of the classic Chesterfield style sofa brought to you by Hancock & Moore Furniture. They truly have a passion for leather and skillfully produce some of the most glorious creations using such. This is another factory that I have had the privilege of visiting with the folks from MossCreek. Nestled in the "Furniture Capital", Hickory, NC, at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits the most intriguing of furniture factories. In it are numerous master craftsman, carpenters, leather workers, upholsterers and visionaries. Out of it come some of the finest leather pieces crafted in the entire world. No matter what the style, no matter what the combination of materials, and no matter what you can imagine, they can deliver the goods.

This particular setting reminds me of the first time I ever attended a symphony. The metallic treatment of the leather is your horns section, the mohair on the seat is like that I sat upon in the auditorium, and the marble on the table top is like that on the auditorium's grand staircase. What a beautiful experience. I have never been the same since. Speaking of metallic treatments, this is a huge movement as well in the design industry. From leather, to paint finishes, to the reintroduction of reclaimed metals and the post-modern usage of steel and aluminum, metal is hot: Cool too! There is so much more to share however, for now, I must go! Stay tuned and thank you!