Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We salute you! My apologies for the delay as I have been in an artistic hurricane of activity. However, I am grateful and humbled by your support. Thank You for your patience. Now back to the news; uninterrupted coverage with no commercial breaks. Have you ever wondered where all of those wonderful iconic fashion ensembles came from that adorned the likes of the "Rat Pack", Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash (among multiple others)? Well, the answer is simply, MANUEL. http://www.manuelcouture.com/ If you cherish a favorite iconic celebrity outfit, chances are MANUEL did it!

The man is the modern day Da Vinci when it comes to fashion in the entertainment world. His nickname is aptly "The Rhinestone Rembrandt" and the inventor of "Cowboy Couture". He is quite simply a living legend. He still works every day with his son, Manuel Jr. aka "Manny" in their couture boutique and factory on Broadway in Nashville. Even the building itself has a story to tell as it was originally a brothel.To this day, the legend continues through his son who began sewing at the age of eight and almost thirty years later, the father and son dynamic duo still "rock" the worlds of fashion for clients like Kid Rock, Keith Urban and on and on and on.

Be on the lookout for Wear It Out Manuel http://www.wearitoutmanuel.com/, the next generation of product that could literally end up on your toothbrush as the MANUEL Lifestyle broadens it reach. That's all I can tell you kids right now so, sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite! Shalom Y'all!