Tuesday, March 23, 2010


AHOY MATIES! Welcome aboard! We have set a voyage before you in this installment of ART-ECO in which you shall be introduced to uncharted territories. The images you shall take with you are from the movement in Re-Created fashions termed, "COUNTER-COUTURE". As well, you shall be a witness to the transformation of a band...RENE' BRETON!

The deck has been swabbed, the bridge is at ready position, your accommodations are prepared, the band is assembled and the ballroom floor is open..."Shall we dance?" BON VOYAGE!

COUTURE- The high-fashion clothing created by designers; designing, making and selling of highly fashionable, usually custom made clothing.

What you are witnessing is "Couture for the Counter-Culture's New Renaissance Kids"!

This journey begins with our honored guests, RENE' BRETON, the muse currently based in Nashville, TN...but not for long! Our subjects are Ryan Hurtgen (composer), Tobin Sio (drums), and Nicole Taher (manager). What we have overcome is the challenge of a makeover. The garments featured are COUNTER-COUTURE by :::donovan:::swick::: of ART-ECO. The offering presented before you each have a life all their own and a story to tell. Each of the ensembles represented here include the recreation process of high-fashion vintage pieces with embellishments of reclaimed high -end fabrics, leathers and jewelry orchestrated into individual requiems of style. All are hand-made, hand-sewn and personally chosen to reveal the hidden person inside of each member of RENE' BRETON.

Enjoy?! CHEERS!

...all photos by Carie Thompson...


after: Tobin/Nicole/Ryan

before: Tobin

after: Tobin (front)

after: Tobin (rear)

before: Ryan

after: Ryan (front)

after: Ryan (rear)

after: Ryan (front)

after: Ryan (rear)

before: Nicole

after: Nicole


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  1. Im old-school counter-culture, and may I say you have taken up the gauntlet, beautifully.